Intel’s technology is purpose-built for the modern workforce

Intel's technology is purpose-built for the modern workforce

Managing corporate IT nowadays is all about workplace modernization. Your employees are always going to want the freedom to use a wide range of devices and apps on a daily basis, and that means you need a modernized IT infrastructure that will allow them to do so. And right now, that’s especially the case. During these challenging times, many employees are remote and many are working from home, which means they’re often working with different devices than they might otherwise. Your challenge is to support them, just the same.

At Intel, there’s a whole team of innovators working hard to make sure you can. Intel’s got today’s workplace challenges top of mind. According to their survey data, 70% of employees work at least one day a week somewhere other than the office, and 81% of IT managers say that security is a key issue they’re focused on. Another 75% say productivity is key. With these underlying issues in mind, Intel went to work drawing up a solution to address the needs of the modern business.

And now, they’ve found it. With the Intel vPro Platform, you get a best-for-business device platform that delivers premium performance, hardware-enhanced security, modern manageability, and improved stability. It also comes with Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) built in, which means you’re able to control all of your users’ endpoints, whether on premises or in the cloud, all at your fingertips. With Intel vPro in place, you no longer have to worry about your users being supported.

This brings myriad benefits. First and foremost, you’ll be able to manage IT in a way that’s highly efficient, saving your business time and money. You can keep users’ systems patched, current, and functioning optimally 24/7, no matter whether they’re in the office or remote. And you’ll always have remote discovery and data recovery capabilities when something goes wrong, even in cases of power loss or OS failure. Add it all up, and you’re looking at a win-win-win.

On top of all that, Intel vPro also comes with Intel Endpoint Management Assistant, which allows for easy connectivity and insight into all devices under the vPro platform, whether they’re inside or outside of your corporate firewall. This means your IT team is able to remotely push software and firmware updates to everyone, regardless of their location or operating system. This level of remote management capability will help administrators finish routine tasks like software updates in a way that saves time and effort.

At Zones, we have everything it takes to be your business partner as you adopt this and other Intel solutions. We’re recognized as an official Intel Technology Provider, which means we have the experience, expertise, and training to advise you throughout the full lifecycle of your Intel solutions. Whether you’re just beginning to consider Intel’s offerings, or you’re in the middle of managing a full fleet of them, we can enable your business success at every turn.

Interested in modernizing your workplace with our Intel solutions? Keep reading, and you can find out how.

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