How much storage do you need?

VMware vSAN infographicHyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has made a big name for itself in recent years, and that’s for good reason—between the lower TCO, better performance, improved scalability, and simpler management it offers, there are plenty of reasons to adopt this approach to any data center—even your own. And VMware VSAN from Zones is one solution that’s leading this new wave of technology.

Even with a strong HCI solution like VSAN, though, some challenges remain. For instance, many users overprovision, taking out more storage than needed at a given moment. That leaves them paying for shelf space they can’t currently fill. If you want to truly take advantage of HCI’s straightforward scalability, you’ll need to figure out what the right amount of storage is for your current environment.

Fortunately, Zones can help you do just that with a specialized Virtual SAN (VSAN) Assessment. Our VSAN Assessment runs a free comprehensive analysis of vSphere storage environments using a SaaS-based VMware Infrastructure Planner (VIP) tool. After a few days, we’ll present you with sizing recommendations, hardware guidance, and TCO analysis—all great information for anyone looking to maximize the value of an HCI solution.

Once you’re armed with this insight, Zones can quickly and easily design, deploy, and implement a data center built to meet every one of your specific needs. To start your data center transformation with one of our VSAN Assessments, just click here or reach out to your account executive today.

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