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Drive more efficient patient care with HP’s healthcare printers

In healthcare settings today, there is a great deal of demand for workplace modernization. When they have the latest and best technology, health professionals can tackle their daily workloads with both greater accuracy and greater efficiency; this translates to both a happier workforce and higher-quality patient care. It’s a win-win proposition.

Often in the process of modernizing the healthcare workplace, much of the focus goes toward fast computers, sleek mobile devices and killer apps, while printers can easily go overlooked. But the truth is, printers are a crucial part of the process, and having the right printing technology can make a world of difference in the quality of care you deliver.

Here’s the good news: The HC Edition portfolio of printers from HP are purpose-built for healthcare organizations looking to overcome the biggest challenges in the industry today. As the number and size of electronic health records (EHRs) in the world continues to grow exponentially, HP delivers high-tech solutions that help organizations scale rapidly, leveraging efficient computing and printing technologies to ensure record-keeping and care delivery are fast and efficient no matter what.

There are several ways that HP’s technology can help improve patient care. One is by helping to optimize clinical workflow – when printers malfunction, there are often bottlenecks in the print queue, causing clinicians and other support staff to deal with the frustration of time delays. But with multi-function printers, like the HP A3 PageWide, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have reliable and versatile printing solutions that stand up to pressure. This will reduce unnecessary delays and ensure that healthcare personnel are able to perform critical tasks on time, every time.

Another key benefit is the ability to enhance provider collaboration. Delivering great care often requires sharing information among different members within a care team, different teams, or sometimes entirely separate healthcare providers. When you have advanced printing technologies, this is no problem. By using intelligent features like automated scanning, routing, and document handling, you can foster collaboration and help disparate stakeholders share information with ease.

Great printing should help improve patient engagement in the long run, as well. When you have printed materials that are consistently accurate, you’re able to identify and track patients at all times, which means you’ll always have up-to-date information on who you’re treating and what their status is. In a previous era, it was an arduous manual process to locate medical records and match them with patients’ identities; nowadays, there are high-tech methods like QR codes, 2D barcodes, and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that make it easy to connect with patients instantaneously.

For all of these technologies, Zones can be your trusted business partner as you get up and running. We’ve always had a sharp focus on Workplace Modernization – we help organizations like yours adopt the IT solutions they need to become more agile, more efficient, and ultimately more productive. If you reach out to us today, we’ll use our IT expertise – as well as our strong partnership with HP – to help your organization unlock better results from day one.

Our HP solutions can truly elevate your business. Check out this site, and you’ll find out all about it.

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