Do everything quickly and efficiently with the new MacBook Pro

Do everything quickly and efficiently with the new MacBook Pro

Even when companies aren’t using a “workplace” in the traditional sense, that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from investing in workplace modernization.

In fact, it may even be more beneficial now than ever to commit to new technology for your employees – with so many people nowadays working from home, and others gradually transitioning back into the office, now’s exactly the time to give them portable devices that give them flexibility about when, where, and how they work.

So what’s the best laptop for people and employers looking to embrace modernization? For our money, it’s the latest MacBook Pro®. The new 13-inch model is designed to empower the modern employee, giving them everything they need to work faster and more efficiently.

Today, let’s walk through four key features that enable them to do just that.

  • The Magic Keyboard™: The keyboard on the new MacBook Pro® is designed to offer users the best typing experience ever on a Mac® notebook. It features a refined scissor mechanism and inverted-T arrow keys, which means users can fly through what their work quickly and efficiently, whether they’re writing many lines of code or poring over large spreadsheets. On top of that, a dedicated Escape key makes it easy to switch between modes and views quickly.
  • The Magic Trackpad®: Using the Magic Trackpad® ensures that Mac® users will be able to browse from window to window, and task to task, more quickly and efficiently than ever before. The new trackpad incorporates Force Touch capabilities, using four powerful force sensors that detect pressure whenever you touch the surface of the laptop. The sensors allow the trackpad to detect both light taps and deep clicks, which gives users a wide range of functionalities.
  • The Touch Bar™: Whatever you need to do, the Touch Bar™ makes it faster. By replacing the row of function keys on your keyboard with a dynamic bar that changes based on the application you’re using, Apple® offers users the flexibility to tap into whatever controls are most relevant to them at a given moment. With the powerful shortcuts you need featured front and center, you’ll never have to pause as you knock out task after task.
  • Touch ID®: When your employees use Touch ID®, they’re able to quickly unlock their Mac® devices and make purchases using their Apple ID and Apple Pay® – all with one touch of a fingerprint. Touch ID® enables fast authentication so that users can act quickly and securely, continuing with their day without having to worry about their data being stolen or lost.

All of these functionalities have the potential to dramatically change the way your people do business. And at Zones, we have the wisdom and experience to help. We have a long-standing partner relationship with Apple, which means we know exactly how to get you up and running fast. Connect with our Apple specialists today, and we’ll hook you up with the right devices and the right support services, ASAP.

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