Combine mobile patient record access with robust information security

VMware Horizon 6 and AlwaysOn Point of Care Solution

VMware HealthcareHealthcare IT leaders face many challenges as they seek to deliver secure, reliable mobile access to patient information: legacy software systems and infrastructure, mandates for patient data security and a changing healthcare technology environment.

Overcoming these issues is critical, as data access issues that arise at the point of patient care can cause delays or have serious consequences. The virtualization experts at Zones can help you deploy VMware virtualization solutions that enable you to offer patient information access from any device at any time.

VMware virtualization solutions allow you to provide mobile access to patient records without compromising your commitment to information security, because data security shouldn’t mean delayed or limited access to information for healthcare providers. VMware virtualization creates a secure virtual desktop infrastructure that delivers benefits across the organization:

  • Improve workflows with virtual desktop infrastructure and provide secure access to patient information from anywhere on any device.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance and meet HIPAA security requirements by ensuring all patient healthcare information is stored in the data center, not at the vulnerable endpoints.
  • Provide access to patient information from the right device, at any time and from any location—24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Enhancing mobility and security

VMware offers the AlwaysOn Point of Care Solution: comprehensive desktop and machine virtualization that streamlines end user computing.

By virtualizing clinical workspaces and hosting them in a private cloud, VMware® AlwaysOn Point of Care™ solution enables healthcare organizations to provide the “last mile” of electronic medical record delivery. This tested and validated solution enables healthcare IT to deliver 24/7 access to patient care applications and digitized patient data—anywhere and from any device.

AlwaysOn Point of Care integrates VMware desktop virtualization with other leading VMware software to enhance value and support advanced analytics. The AlwaysOn Point of Care Solution includes:

  • VMware Horizon 6 (with View)
  • VMware vSphere and VMware vCenter
  • VMware Care System Analytics

By leveraging mobile, wireless and wired networks, single sign-on, and load-balancing components, AlwaysOn Point of Care solution monitors IT infrastructure and provides nonstop access to critical patient-care applications and data across endpoints and locations.

Call your Zones account executive or 800.408.ZONES for a full briefing on how VMware Horizon Advanced and Enterprise Editions can improve your healthcare IT and patient care.

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