Cloud—and HIPAA compliance—are both within reach.

Healthcare organizations have always been focused on improving patient outcomes, but the digital age has introduced an additional set of challenges: managing the technology that enables that improvement for starters. Suddenly, healthcare professionals have to ensure that their IT complies with HIPAA, enhances workflows, balances workloads, and so much more. Trying to handle all of that without the right solution can be daunting for anyone.

Moving to the cloud could address many of these challenges, but it would need to be configured for healthcare’s regulatory environment first. Luckily, Oracle’s one step ahead.

With Oracle Cloud at Customer, healthcare providers can tap into the power of the Oracle Cloud behind the firewall in their own environment. It offers all of the innovations of Oracle’s public cloud—but in a secure, HIPAA-compliant package.

This solution is already paying off for others in a big way. When a leading medical university that integrates a network of 44 university hospitals deployed Oracle Cloud at Customer technology, they didn’t simply meet their legal requirements for storing sensitive patient data; they didn’t merely gain flexibility for managing their records; they also saved approximately $2 million by transitioning to Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service subscription model.

So, if you’re concerned about your IT team’s bandwidth, don’t worry—Cloud at Customer is fully managed on the data center floor by Oracle, which helps accommodate inflexible budgets and limited staff.

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