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Cisco: Success Tracks Customer FAQ

Cisco: Success Tracks Customer FAQ

Welcome to Success Tracks Customer FAQ Blog! In this article, we will review some of the customers' most frequently asked questions and provide helpful answers.

What are Success Tracks?

Success Tracks is a career coaching and professional development program that helps individuals advance in their careers. Success Tracks provides one-on-one coaching, online training resources, networking opportunities, and more to support its customers in achieving their career goals.

How do the coaching sessions work?

Professional career coaches will work one on one with you through weekly 60-minute phone or video sessions. During these sessions, you will develop career goals and strategies, get feedback on your resume or portfolio, practice interview skills, receive guidance on career transitions, and more. With the help of expert Cisco guidance, each client will get personalized attention and tools to succeed.

What is the value in engaging with Success Tracks?

Success Tracks is committed to help you achieve the business results you want faster, with less risk and greater efficiency, so you capture more value across your lifecycle. Success Tracks can help you:

  • Gain efficiencies that lower overall costs.
  • Enable transformation quickly, reducing implementation costs.
  • Create a simple, secure, and efficient environment.
  • Optimize talent, improve operational processes, and enhance performance.

What are the online training resources?

In addition to coaching, as a Success Tracks customer, you will receive access to the online learning portal. Here you will find self-paced video courses on topics like time management, leadership skills, networking strategies, and professional communication skills. Interactive assessments and downloads are also available to support your ongoing development..

What insights and analytics features are available in Success Tracks?

Insights and analytics help you maximize the performance and value of your IT investments. Expert Cisco guidance and recommendations, based on insights/analytics tools and data, help you quickly align performance to desired business outcomes. Insights and analytics capabilities by level include:

Level 1

  • Adoption View: 

    View activation and utilization of features
  • Assets and License View: 

    Product views including EoX status and contract details
  • Rapid Problem Resolution: 

    Automated data exchange post-case opening
  • Security Advisories, Field Notices, and Priority Bugs

    View relevant bugs, PSIRTS, and Field Notices for devices once the user initiates a request
  • Case Management: 

    Views showing overall case volume, RMA cases, case volume by severity, cases pending customer action, etc.

Level 2

  • Case Management KPIs: 

    Measure operational efficiency with KPIs such as MTTR
  • Optimal Software Versions

    Choose the best version for upgrades
  • Automated Fault Management: 

    Monitor systems and open cases automatically when issues are detected
  • Regulatory Compliance Checks: 

    Identify configurations that do not comply with common regulatory standards
  • Risk Mitigation Check: 

    Provide information on devices at high risk of a system crash.

What results can I expect?

The goal is to see customers achieve career growth within 6–12 months of joining the program. Common results include promotions, transitions to new roles or companies, raises or bonuses, and stronger interview success rates. Though results may vary, with dedication to your personalized plan and the support of your coach, the aim is to set you on a path for career advancement.

If you have any questions about Success Tracks, feel free to contact Zones.

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