Build your Office on solid ground.

When you’re equipped with Microsoft Office 365, you can work anywhere and anytime without needing to maintain your own email infrastructure. That’s big – big enough to spark a new wave of productivity across your organization. But even though Microsoft takes on much of the management responsibility, you’ll still need the ability to control your data and safeguard your progress with local backups. After all, if you can’t protect the products of your labor, you’re on shaky ground.

So what’s the best way to secure your email data? Start with backup designed for Office 365 itself. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is a new solution that mitigates the risk of data loss and ensures your users have the continuous access they need to take full advantage of the cloud’s flexibility.

With Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, you’ll have the tools to do all of the following with ease:

  • Securely back up Exchange Online Office 365 email data to your on-premises environment
  • Quickly restore individual mailbox items directly to an Office 365 mailbox or an on-premises Exchange mailbox, save as a file, email as an attachment, or export as a PST
  • Efficiently perform eDiscovery of your Office 365 email archives with Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange, allowing for near-instant recovery of individual mailbox items

When you couple Office 365 with a solution designed to back it up, you have yourself a solid foundation for success. Check out Veeam’s solution brief below to learn more, then start laying new groundwork for your Office by giving us a call at 800.408.ZONES today.

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