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5 easy steps for disinfecting your Zebra healthcare printers

Workplace modernization is a crucial ingredient for success in the healthcare sector. To achieve at a high level, you have to give your people the latest, highest-performing devices and deploy them in a way that’s smart and strategic.

But these days, that alone isn’t enough – your devices also have to be sanitary. Modernization right now isn’t just a matter of computers and smartphones. It also involves keeping distance, wearing masks, and continuing to clean and disinfect the objects we come into contact with every day.

Today, we should talk specifically about healthcare printers. Health professionals rely on their print infrastructure on a daily basis for producing any number of vital materials, and unfortunately, that’s one reason they’re most vulnerable right now. As virus infection rates are rising right now in many U.S. states, it’s vital for medical personnel to understand the dos and don’ts of how to properly clean and disinfect healthcare printers. After all, they’re touching these devices day after day, and bacteria is inevitably going to spread.

There is good news, though: When you go with Zebra printers, you’ll be far safer, as their devices are easier to clean and built to last. Since repeated use of chemical cleaners can have an adverse effect on traditional amorphous plastics, Zebra built its healthcare printers with rugged, UV-resistant plastics designed and tested to withstand regular cleaning with all major hospital cleaning agents.

Let’s walk through the step-by-step process you should use for disinfecting your fleet of Zebra printers.

  • Use the right cleaning agent. The cleaning agents used to disinfect and clean Zebra printers must contain alcohol, ammonium, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, phosphoric acid, or sodium troclosene. These are the main active ingredients you’ll find in high-quality hospital cleaning products.
  • Start with the printer display. To clean the display, remove any dirt particles with a damp cloth. Wipe the display window with an approved cleaning agent, taking care not to saturate the cloth; after that, dry to prevent streaking. Do not spray any cleanser directly onto the window, or allow any liquid to pool up.
  • Clean the printer housing. Use a pre-moistened wipe or dampen a soft cloth with an approved cleaning agent, taking care not to saturate the cloth. Gently wipe all plastic surfaces thoroughly, using a cotton-tipped applicator if necessary to reach tight areas.
  • Clean the printer keypad. Again, use a wipe or dampened cloth with an approved agent. Clean the keys, and if necessary in between the keys, using a cotton-tipped applicator. Do not spray any cleaning agent directly onto the keypad.
  • Dry. After cleaning, dry the entire printer off with a soft non-abrasive cloth and let it air-dry before use. Always change your gloves before handling the printer to avoid re-contaminating the device.

At Zones, we are happy to lend a helping hand with every step of this process. We’ve always put an emphasis on Workplace Modernization, and we understand now that the process is changing dramatically in 2020. We’re committed to keeping your healthcare environment as safe and healthy as it can be, and we’re proud to have a strategic partnership with Zebra that helps make that possible. Connect with us today, and we can start you on your way to clean, sanitary, productive healthcare printing.

Check out our website if you’d like to further explore the Zebra solutions we have available.

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