4 reasons your business should consider video conferencing

4 reasons your business should consider video conferencingFor many of today’s professionals, meetings are an indispensable part of every work day. We meet with our co-workers, our bosses, our subordinates, our partners, our clients, our friends, and on and on and on. For some folks, it’s not uncommon to show up to the office and spend all day hopping from meeting to meeting, with barely a break at all.

This can be a grind – but we live in an era of workplace modernization, and video conferencing solutions present an opportunity to make your meetings more functional and efficient. That’s an opportunity you want to take full advantage of. After all, it could revolutionize your entire day.

Think about it: Often, the meetings we conduct include remote stakeholders in various locations all over the world. Conducting meetings can therefore be messy, logistically complicated and require a significant investment of your time. If there were a way to make the process simple and easy, wouldn’t that be worth investing in? Most companies make the choice to invest in the most reliable and most user-friendly solutions so their people aren’t fumbling through a connection and struggling to figure out how to use the application while 15 people wait around for them to fix the problem. We’ve all been there, right?

Luckily, making an investment in better technology is easier now than it’s ever been. Perhaps in a previous era, the equipment and technical expertise you needed to set up video conferencing presented too high a barrier to entry, but that’s not the case anymore. All you need today is a connected device with a camera and a microphone, the right conferencing platform, and a strong internet connection. Some higher-end systems are so clear and crisp that the experience is surreal, like the future of communication brought to life today.

Are you still unsure about video conferencing? Consider the following reasons that now might be the right time to make the move.

  1. Running high-quality meetings: A good video conferencing platform ensures that users have high-quality everything – good video, good audio, and no lag, meaning you can communicate with people in real time and have natural, fluid conversations. This will bring immeasurable value to your business.
  2. Building stronger professional relationships: Once it’s easier to have virtual conversations with collaborators all over the world, you’ll find yourself doing it more often, and getting more out of it each time. Over the long haul, this will equate to stronger relationships with all of your connections, which is never a bad thing. A phone call is a good way to stay in touch, and a text is a good way to send a quick update – but for building relationships, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation.
  3. Making business more efficient: A reliable video conferencing platform is one you can count on every time to make conversations quick and easy – no technical difficulties, no nothing. This will save you all sorts of time and mental energy, which will free you up to focus more on furthering your other work and growing your business. Plus, conferencing tools (especially video conferencing) make it easier to convey a message effectively, which makes decision-making much easier and can lead to more fully informed business decisions.
  4. Why not?! Perhaps the best reason of all to consider video conferencing is there’s no reason not to! These days, it’s so easy, you’ve got no excuse. And at Zones, we’re doing our part to make the technology easier. We offer Video & Conferencing solutions that enhance the way our clients manage meetings every day. We bring a team of design and implementation experts to the table, and our connections to key partners like Cisco and Microsoft guarantee that we can find just the right technology for you.

Video and Conferencing Solutions are just one of the many ways that Zones can drive business success for you through Workplace Modernization. Read on, and you’ll discover a lot more.

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