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What does the future hold for healthcare network security?

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It’s important for IT leaders at all organizations to make network optimization a priority, but this is especially the case in the healthcare field. A good network is essential for health providers – without it, they run the risk of failing to secure patient data, which can lead to all sorts of problems. A breach could be catastrophic, causing long-term damage to patient health as well as the reputation of the organization. For this reason, healthcare IT decision-makers are always looking for ways to think ahead and design future-ready networks.

This brings us to a crucial question – what exactly is the future of healthcare network security? What does it look like?

To answer this question, one must first understand the unique set of challenges the industry is up against. The process of delivering care is changing rapidly these days – IP traffic is surging as clinicians and patients alike are adopting an “anytime, anywhere” philosophy about accessing data. They’re also using a wide range of devices, including IoT-connected ones. On top of this, IT leaders have to worry about challenging physical environments, tight budgets, and strict regulatory compliance requirements, such as those imposed by HIPAA. Clearly, not just any networking environment will do.

Zones’ approach to enterprise networking

So what is the future of the industry? We believe it will feature Zones’ Enterprise Networking services front and center. Here’s our approach: To size up your organization and see how well you’re prepared to meet all the above challenges, we use a Network Assessment to take the pulse of performance, reliability, and configuration in your environment. From there, we have a process in place for Network Design & Implementation, where we’ll design a network that can scale with your needs, and we offer Managed Networking Services as well, to guide you as you go.

All told, we believe these services will add substantial value for any healthcare organization. First and foremost, they should lead to improved network performance and reliability, which means staff members will be happier and more productive. They’ll also help simplify operations, which means people will spend less time on rote logistical tasks and more time on strategic initiatives to transform operations. And lastly, our services will help you become more proactive about IT, which means you’ll be able to sniff out potential network failures before they damage your organization.

Of all the network service providers out there, why choose Zones? Simple – because we have a proven track record of getting results. We’ve demonstrated time and again that we can manage the whole process, from initially designing and implementing network solutions to managing them as client organizations climb to new heights.

And what’s more, we have strategic relationships with the top manufacturers in the sector – most notably Cisco. We have a team of tech experts who not only know networking inside and out, but they’re also able to work with partners like Cisco to develop customized solutions that meet the specific pain points our clients are dealing with. We’ve done this for countless organizations in the past, and we’d love to team up with you next.

Check out our Network Optimization case study and find out exactly how we’ve helped organizations like yours to thrive.

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