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Strategic Synergy: The Approach of Zones and AnglePoint in ITAM

Strategic Synergy: The Approach of Zones and AnglePoint in ITAM


In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, understanding and managing IT assets is more than a necessity – it's a critical function. ITAM Program Transformation has emerged as the backbone of successful business strategies, ensuring that assets are managed effectively and efficiently.

Zones Discovery Services, a leading figure in IT Asset Management, has teamed up with Anglepoint's ITAM Transformation program to offer an unprecedented combination of innovation and expertise. This partnership goes beyond numbers and data; it represents a synergy that translates into tangible business benefits.

Together, Zones and Angle Points are reshaping the way organizations approach ITAM. By offering solutions that are cutting-edge and grounded in a deep understanding of the industry's needs and challenges, they are heralding a new era in ITAM, where excellence is not just a goal but a standard.

Benefits of ITAM Program Transformation through Zones Discovery Services

In an era where technology is both a tool and a challenge, the alliance between Zones Discovery Services and Anglepoint brings a fresh perspective on IT Asset Management. Together, they cultivate three key benefits:

  1. Risk Mitigation: 

    Organizations no longer have to navigate technological risk alone. Zones' tools and Anglepoint's methodologies offer enhanced protection. It goes beyond safety; it's about building a secure framework around assets.
  2. Cost Optimization: 

    Efficiency is vital to thriving enterprises. Through Zones Discovery Services, operations are streamlined, and costs are optimized. Anglepoint's insights guide spending and orchestrating resources in alignment with fiscal wisdom.
  3. Sustainable Lifecycle Management: 

    Zones' commitment to sustainability, enriched by Anglepoint's expertise, forms a unique approach to Lifecycle Management. It ensures that assets thrive throughout their lifecycle while considering environmental impact.

This collaboration is a fusion of philosophies, intertwining innovation, strategy, and environmental stewardship, creating a new narrative in ITAM where excellence is the norm.

Four Steps to ITAM Excellence with Zones Discovery Services

Four key milestones illuminate the path to ITAM excellence with Zones Discovery Services and Angle point:

  1. Assess: 

    Through collaboration, Zones' tools and Angle Point's analysis define outcomes and benchmark the current state of your ITAM Program. It aligns visions and creates a clear roadmap.
  2. Design: 

    Structure is crucial, and the design phase builds that framework. With Zones' innovation and Angle Point's strategy, a clear ITAM Governance Framework emerges, acting as the pillar of progress.
  3. Transform:

    Implementing the ITAM program becomes a process of transformation guided by Zones’ discovery services and Angle point's practices. It's more than change; it's an evolution.
  4. Manage & Improve: 

    A commitment to continual improvement drives this approach, using both Zones’ latest technology and Angle point’s industry practices. It fosters a culture of ongoing excellence.

This combination offers a visionary approach to ITAM, promising a sustainable and intelligent future for IT assets.

Angle Point’s Approach in Partnership with Zones Discovery Services

In modern IT Asset Management, the partnership between Zones Discovery Services and Angle Point is a unique blend of innovation, strategy, and expertise:

  1. Defining Key Program Objectives: 

    Clarity of vision is paramount. The collaboration between Zones and Angle Point offers tailored solutions that align with unique needs.
  2. Approaches to Managing Data: 

    Combining Zones' technology with Angle Point’s expertise transforms data management from a task into a refined process.
  3. Building a Governance Framework: 

    Governance is the backbone of an effective ITAM program. Inclusive of policy, process, and stakeholder engagement, Zones and Anglepoint craft a robust framework that thrives on alignment.

This innovative approach redefines ITAM, turning it into a strategic asset that fuels growth, resilience, and success.


The convergence of technology, strategy, innovation, and insight in IT Asset Management is essential. The partnership between Zones Discovery Services and Anglepoint is about transforming ITAM from a mere process into a strategic asset.

With Zones' tools and Anglepoint's methodologies, the promise is efficiency and excellence. This collaboration resonates with the needs of every organization, crafting comprehensive and sustainable ITAM programs.

Let's embrace the future led by two of the industry's most trusted names. It's about setting the standard, not just meeting it, defined by excellence and guided by the collaborative brilliance of Zones and Angle Point.

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