Modernizing your technology will keep your employees engaged

Modernizing your technology will keep your employees engaged

At many places of business today, workplace modernization has become a key point of emphasis, and it’s not hard to see why. When your people have better technology, they’re able to become quicker and more efficient in everything they do, which translates directly to a more profitable business. But there’s another key reason to modernize that often goes overlooked – it also makes workers happier and more engaged. In the long run, this might be the more important factor.

Consider this. Per a recent Microsoft study, employees who have to deal with outdated technology in the workplace are 6 times more likely to quit their jobs than those who don’t. If people aren’t happy with the devices, networks, and so on that they use every day, they’re often quick to make a change.

This wasn’t always the case. To understand why it is now, it’s instructive to think about how demographics in the workplace are shifting, and the impact that shift is having on workplace expectations. Not long ago, most decision-makers in the business world were members of the boomer and Gen X groups; now, there are more millennials and Gen Z-ers calling the shots. This means that instead of computers on desks, people expect flexibility. This means SaaS workplace apps, cloud data storage, mobile devices, and so on.

It also means using the latest operating systems. At Zones, we still have some clients whose users are running Windows 7 – an OS for which Microsoft ended support in January 2020. Additionally, we see some people who upgraded to Windows 10 but didn’t change their hardware, which means they’re not making the most of the new platform.

If your business doesn’t make an effort to get your technology up to date, you run the very real risk of losing your best people. Employee engagement is all about meeting people’s needs, and having a modern OS with good hardware can go a long way toward doing that. For example…

Your people need security. They need to know that every time they log on to their devices, they can go about their business without worrying about losing their data. Luckily, Windows 10 comes with protection you can trust, including a Windows Sandbox environment for running apps in isolation and a safe mode that allows users to run full versions of Office and Teams.

Your people need productivity. Everyone’s looking to achieve more on a daily basis, but they don’t want to do it by working harder – they’d rather work smarter. This is where Windows 10 comes in, offering new tools like Cloud Clipboard that help users sync data across multiple devices, making them highly efficient no matter where they go.

Your people need smooth and seamless management. They want total control over their data, and they expect everything they do to be seamless and flexible. Which is why it’s perfect that Windows 10 comes with eSIM functionality built in, meaning users will always be connected, even when they don’t have Wi-Fi.

There are plenty of benefits to unlock when you upgrade the technology in your workplace – and at Zones, we have the expertise to help you maximize all of them. When it comes to Microsoft in particular, there are countless solutions that can make your employees more productive, from Windows 10 to Microsoft 365 to Exchange Online. We can bring your users up to speed on all of them, and once we do, your users will be happier and more engaged than ever.

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