4 key cloud computing trends to watch in 2021

4 key cloud computing trends to watch in 2021

If you remember anything about the state of IT in 2020, you probably remember that it was a big year for data center transformation. Around the world, as people rushed to adopt a remote work lifestyle, their employers moved quickly to design new ways of managing and securing data. People’s needs were changing quickly, and companies’ data infrastructures had to change with them. This was an ongoing trend throughout 2020.

So what does 2021 have in store for us then? More than likely, it’s going to be more of the same.

According to Database Trends and Applications Magazine, this is going to be one of the major trends to watch in IT this year. Cloud usage was already going strong at the start of last year, but since COVID-19 upended the business world, it’s only become more essential that companies adjust the way they manage data and put more trust in the cloud. In fact, Raj Verma, CEO of SingleStore, told the publication that he expects 86% of all organizations to soon have the majority of their data housed in the cloud.

“Cloud deployments will become necessary, not optional,” Verma said. “Cloud computing was an ongoing trend before COVID-19, but it was more of a ‘nice to have’ technology. However, now and in 2021, it will be a necessity for enterprises to survive and thrive.”

But companies today aren’t just adopting the first cloud solution they see, then calling it a day. No – in this era, that wouldn’t be sufficient. To stay afloat in a highly competitive business world, you’ve got to adapt to the latest cloud trends, and you must be constantly innovating.

Let’s take a look at four ways companies will do that in 2021.

  • Undertaking cloud-native projects: Forward-thinking companies aren’t taking their old legacy IT, then transferring it to the cloud – instead, they’re thinking cloud-native, with projects that are built from the ground up, with cloud technology in mind. This tends to give them far greater efficiency and agility.
  • Moving toward the hybrid cloud: Public cloud or private – which is the better fit for your organization? Often, the answer involves a combination of the two. A lot of smart IT leaders are figuring this out, and they’re adopting hybrid cloud solutions that give them the best of both worlds.
  • Stressing visibility in data governance: Where does your data live? Who is managing it, and what governance strategies are they using? In 2021, companies will do more to establish clear answers to these questions, and make sure all all relevant stakeholders know them. This will make for more effective decision-making going forward.
  • Emphasizing security in the cloud: In 2020, the pandemic forced many organizations to move their data online; in 2021, they will need to see to its safety. This will be a year for IT leaders to take a close look at cloud security and ensure that all operations and data are safe, even as work paradigms dramatically shift.

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