Streamline Windows Server 2003 migration

Migration Gree-lightEffective July 14, 2015, Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported outside of custom service contracts, which are prohibitively expensive. Zones can help you navigate your transition to a modern data center.

Estimates for migrating the typical Windows Server 2003 R2 environment to Windows Server 2012 R2 range from four to 12 months or more, leaving most organizations with little time to spare. It’s no exaggeration that you’re facing a very tight timetable to beat the July 14 deadline if you don’t define it and commit to it now.

Zones can help you streamline every phase of your move away from Windows Server 2003. The solution architects, systems engineers and cloud specialists at Zones Advanced Solutions Group will help you move your data center forward in the most efficient and effective way for your specific business and infrastructure. By leveraging our enterprise-class assessment, planning and migration services, you’ll come away with a robust, best-practice and scalable solution.

Regardless of your data center’s actual size and complexity, you’re looking at significant commitment of time and resources. The processes of discovery within your existing environment, assessment of workloads, determining where those workloads will be moved to, as well as the actual migration of the workloads are challenging, yet critical.

Call your Zones account executive or 800.408.ZONES for a full briefing on the range of migration planning, assessment and implementation services available to keep your data center up-to-date, efficient and secure.

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