Break down silos to improve employee productivity.

The traditional “silo” system of management, in which departments are specialized and don’t share information, is a common way of doing business, especially in IT. Many IT workers today operate in silos, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, it shouldn’t be – a 2017 article by McKinsey found that silos cause tunnel vision and weak performance in employees, and that collaboration improved productivity by 30%. Still, it can be hard to change an entrenched organizational structure, and many business owners have difficulty in breaking down silos and fostering collaboration between departments. Where should companies begin when they’re trying to overturn methods that have gotten them this far to begin with?

Zones is here to answer questions and provide solutions for moving our clients into a post-silo world. Our collaboration solutions modernize disparate systems and connect team members across locations, enabling real-time interaction wherever they are. Bringing chat, voice, conferencing, video, and file-sharing apps together, we provide greater productivity and employee satisfaction – two critical factors for business growth. Not only do we provide the newest collaboration technology from trusted industry leaders like Cisco and Microsoft, but with Zones nfrastructure, the Services Company of Zones, we can help our clients make educated decisions for what works best for their team and their business.

Once the right collaboration solution has been identified, Zones is there every step of the way with our Lifecycle Management Services. We offer IMAC services to have old technology removed and new technology installed, and Micro-consulting Services to ensure that new IT has the support it needs to keep everything working smoothly. Zones is here to break down barriers the silo system put up and ensure that teams are happy and productive working as one unit.

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