Your data could unlock the next big thing

Intel is making it easier to turn big data into big insights

The data available to every type of organization is growing at tremendous rates, and forward thinking businesses, hospitals and agencies are looking for ways to turn that information into insights and opportunities.

But until recently, the complexity of the architecture required and the absence of customizable apps and analytic functions have prevented big data projects from realizing their potential. Intel believes you’re capable of more.

That’s the reasoning behind the Intel Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP), an open source analytics Platform-as-a-Service that accelerates the creation of cloud-native applications driven by big data analytics. As the company whose processing and storage silicon is already at the heart of cutting edge big data centers, Intel has consistently been a leader in expanding the hardware and software scope of big data projects.

Collaboration, flexibility and community

Designed with knowledge and insights derived from Intel’s own big data initiatives, TAP is built on the pillars of collaboration, flexibility and community. By enabling more organizations to take advantage of big data, Intel is enabling data scientists, app developers and business leaders to deploy predictive models and improve decision making.

The Software is open source and includes three key layers that make it an end-to-end solution:

  • Application layer that provides a runtime environment, standard interface and stable APIs with support for cloud native apps
  • Analytics layer with an integrated data science analytics toolkit and pipeline to simplify model development
  • Data layer that parses, imports and fuses massive data sets using Apache Hadoop, Spark, and other data components optimized for performance and security

Just one component of Intel’s overall software big data strategy, TAP is already making it easier for developers and data scientists at Penn Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine of Mount Sinai and Oregon Health & Science University to collaborate by providing a shared, flexible environment for advanced analytics in public and private clouds.

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