Working with Cisco and Zones can help you simplify and scale IT

Working with Cisco and Zones can help you simplify and scale IT

The corporate world has been busy, to say the least, making plans for workplace modernization over the last year and a half. As a pandemic has upended the ways we all do business, companies have moved quickly to update their technology. They’re no longer using a traditional approach – rather than improving their offices, they’re giving people the devices and apps they need to be successful outside the office.

This process is often a chaotic one, as IT managers are working quickly – in many cases, completely on the fly. And it often turns out to be quite burdensome, in ways they never anticipated.

Take software licensing, for example. Every time you get a new user set up to work for your organization, you have to worry about getting them all the software they need, quickly and efficiently. But it can be difficult to have consistent visibility into everything – the solutions people have, the ones they need, the ones that need to be refreshed, and so on.

But thankfully, Cisco offers that visibility. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a buying program that enables organizations of all sizes to buy, consume, and manage the workplace technology they need. It’s flexible, too – clients can sign up for either 3-year or 5-year agreements, depending on their desired timelines, and they’ll get one unified plan either way. This package will have one complete set of terms and conditions, and it’s all inclusive – Enterprise Networking, Data Center, Security, Collaboration, and Meraki are all key components.

Adopting a Cisco EA for managing your workplace technology offers many benefits. One is reduced complexity – you can consolidate all your vendors and enjoy having one single source for infrastructure, collaboration, and security software suites, saving you time and money. Increased agility is another benefit – you can quickly deploy new IT capabilities, even at a large scale, which will drive greater productivity and faster business growth. And finally, costs will be lower – a Cisco EA gives you a more affordable package deal than going with “a la carte” licensing for your software needs.

There are a lot of providers out there that offer IT subscription services, but there’s only one quite like Cisco. With the typical vendor, you get a scattershot collection of point products – in other words, a mess. What sets Cisco apart is their ability to provide a complete, end-to-end solution. Cisco offers hardware, software, and a wide range of IT services – and with a Cisco EA, all of that is included. This means you get everything from a single source, in a package that’s easy to buy, consume, and manage.

And as for us at Zones, we are uniquely well positioned to deliver Cisco products and services to our clients. We’ve been a close strategic partner with Cisco for many years, and we understand better than anyone how Cisco solutions help organizations increase operational efficiency and free up resources.

When you team up with Cisco and Zones, be it on a new Cisco EA or any other initiative, you will see tangible benefits to your business from day one. We guarantee it. Connect with us today to get started, and you’ll find out for yourself.

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