Today’s employees are quickly learning to embrace hybrid work

Today's employees are quickly learning to embrace hybrid work

Over the last two years, it’s been plain to see: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything about the way we live our lives. It’s had a clear impact on where we go, who we see, and how we carry ourselves from day to day. And when it comes to the office environment, it’s also brought about major changes in how we approach workplace modernization. How could it not? After all, we’ve been forced to reinvent the concept of the “workplace” itself.

And it’s worth nothing that this reinvention appears to be permanent. Forbes recently explored this trend in depth – according to a recent survey, today’s employees are overwhelmingly in favor of continuing to work remotely, even after the current pandemic has come and gone. Growmotely research indicates that 97% of people hope to have at least some flexibility between working remotely and staying in-office moving forward.

“For employers, this means that adopting a hybrid model of work is going to be critical in hiring and retaining talent in the near future,” explained Ashira Prossack, an internationally recognized communication trainer and coach. “Flexibility in work schedules and not requiring employees to spend 100% of their time in the office will be a distinguishing factor as employees evaluate job offers and choose their place of work.”

Wait a second – why hybrid, you ask? That’s because, as much as people appreciate having the choice to work remotely, they don’t necessarily want to do it all the time. According to the Growmotely data, while 97% of people like remote work, only 61% say they prefer to be fully remote. This leaves a large swath of the population that’s in between – enjoying remote work, but desiring the flexibility to work out of the office sometimes. This means, in IT, you need to give people the technology options they need to juggle the two.

At Zones, we specialize in doing just that. We offer a Remote Worker Solution that’s designed to simplify IT for a distributed workforce. Whether your people are at home, in the office, or a mix of the two, our end-to-end solution will help your employees securely collaborate by getting them the technology they need, right when they need it. Our package includes everything from Asset Management to Shipping & Logistics to Technical Support, plus plenty more – a complete suite of services that can be tailored to meet the IT needs of your workforce.

Our Zones team has always placed a premium on Workplace Modernization – it’s a core component of what we do. And we also understand that the very process of modernizing is constantly evolving. That’s especially true now, as companies work so quickly to adapt to new ways of doing business. If you’re willing to work with us, we vow to do everything we can to modernize work for your employees, no matter where they are or how they operate. Connect with us today, and we can get started.

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