The right direction for data center security.

These days, security is a primary concern for every business. And while there’s plenty of technology designed to defend against risks outside your network, what should businesses do about risks that have already made their way in?

This internal risk refers to East-West traffic, which is activity between servers or networks within a data center. Controls for this type of traffic are often overlooked compared to those for external activity, but the activity is well worth securing—it accounts for the majority of data center traffic, and the rise of virtualization solutions have actually increased the volume of internal traffic in recent years.

Our experts at Zones have identified one virtualization platform for the software-defined data center that takes every type of traffic security into account: VMware NSX. In addition to providing end-to-end connectivity for applications and data, NSX builds security into your network by effectively wrapping an additional firewall around your existing firewall. Through micro-segmentation, it separates controls and permissions for various files and functions by user role. This ensures only the appropriate parties are able to access sensitive material.

In larger organizations, however, adjusting all of these permissions across your endpoints can be tricky without a plan in place. That’s why Zones offers a comprehensive VMware Virtual Network Assessment. In fewer than 3 days, our experts can supply you with insights into the East-West security risk in your network, a preview of actionable NSX micro-segmentation recommendations for your network, and other opportunities to optimize your network’s performance with NSX.

With help from Zones, you’ll have the strategy you need to properly secure your network from within. To schedule an assessment of your own, just click here or contact your Zones account executive today.

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