The engineered system that’s simple, optimized, and affordable

Oracle Database Appliance

Whether you’re running a small-to-medium sized business or operating a remote or branch location, field office, or clinic, Oracle now has a better way to manage your database: Oracle Database Appliance (ODA).

ODA is a highly-configured, easy-to-deploy, all-in-one package of software, servers, storage, and networking in a single box. It’s optimized to help you run your Oracle Database and applications, with all hardware and software components engineered and supported by Oracle. That means maximum reliability, efficiency, and security.


A database administrator can have ODA up and running in as little as 90 minutes. Once it’s up, maintaining it is easy. Expect just four patches a year, compared to 16 in a build-your-own solution. And the numbers get even better in the long-run. Expect to spend an average of only 36 hours on installation and maintenance over the next three years, compared to a whopping 863 hours for a build-your-own database scenario.


The ODA is optimized for the Oracle Database, right out of the box. You get a preconfigured, purpose-built device including the hardware, OS, database, storage, networking, applications, and industry-standard cloud extensions for backup.


Oracle recently expanded its ODA portfolio, and now you can get small, medium, and high availability models priced accordingly. And better still, Oracle offers on-demand capacity licensing. You pay only 10% of core licensing up front, then pay as you grow with capacity-on-demand licensing thereafter. These new price points allow IT to deploy systems in remote or branch offices, with the option to connect to the cloud for either hybrid scenarios or cloud-based backup.

If you’re ready to see how easily the Oracle Database Appliance can integrate into your environment, ask your Zones account executive to set up a briefing.

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