Take security beyond the endpoint with Trend Micro

Take security beyond the endpoint with Trend Micro

The events of 2020 have forced businesses everywhere to make some major changes to how they get things done on a daily basis. As millions of employees have started working from home this year, corporate leaders have had to overhaul a lot of processes, especially on the IT side. And while it may not be the most exciting or glamorous aspect of running a business, the truth is that one key area where some changes have been necessary is in security fortification.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of research out there indicating that this year has been challenging from a security perspective. ESG, for instance, recently reported that 85% of organizations say that threat detection and response are becoming more difficult. Likewise, 57% say that the threat landscape is getting “exponentially more sophisticated,” and 41% say that the complexity of their overall security stack is overwhelming. These challenges will continue to grow as the threat landscape continues to evolve and as organizations’ attack surfaces expands.

So how can organizations best protect themselves? Welcome XDR – a cross-layered approach to detection and response. With XDR, you can automatically collect and correlate data across many security layers – emails, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks – all at once. This means you can detect threats faster and thus significantly cut investigation and response times. The stealthiest cyber threats of today are designed to evade detection, hiding between silos and disconnected solution alerts; with XDR you can use a holistic approach to stop them.

Taking an extended approach to detection and response holds many benefits. First and foremost, you’re able to correlate multiple security layers beyond the endpoint, providing insights into activities happening across servers, cloud workloads, network, and email, which is increasingly becoming the number one route through which attackers infiltrate corporate networks4. XDR enables users to see more and respond faster. Additionally, users unlock a host of side benefits —these include purpose-built AI and analytics, a single platform for complete visibility, and a graphical timeline view that helps IT find fast answers to pressing security problems.

When it comes to XDR, you can’t do better than Trend Micro, which specializes in giving organizations security visibility across email, endpoints, servers, and more. Trend Micro’s solution for XDR applies advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to everyday security challenges, giving IT and SOC teams advanced detection and response capabilities across the board. It’s no longer enough just to protect your business by guarding every endpoint – the best solutions go far, far beyond the endpoint to offer security that’s truly holistic. That’s what Trend Micro does.

And at Zones, we are proud to have a strategic partnership with Trend Micro, which means our experts can help get you up and running overnight. We’ve always made Security Fortification a key area of focus with our clients – and with Trend Micro in our corner, we’ve got all the tools needed to set your business up for success. Connect with us today and we’ll guide you down the path to a more secure, productive, prosperous future.

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