Rethinking enterprise mobility

A holistic approach improves utility, efficiency, and security

Mobility Wheel SquareIn 2016, a flexible and secure mobile infrastructure is becoming essential to the day-to-day operation of most organizations. But frequently, when you look under the hood of an organization’s mobile infrastructure, you find a collection of disparate mobility initiatives rolled out over the years.

Too often, various business units, offices and divisions – as well as IT departments – have greenlighted waves of ad hoc device roll-outs, Wi-Fi implementations, carrier selections, BYOD initiatives, and band-aid security overlays. The result can be a fragmented mobile infrastructure that lives in silos and creates gaps and redundancies across the enterprise. It’s also an approach that opens the door to security risks, duplication of effort, and unnecessary costs.

Once in place, such an infrastructure can be difficult to dismantle. With siloed entities owning (and probably finding value in) its various components, you’re going to need a solid go-forward strategy that minimizes the impact of change on individual constituencies while maximizing overall utility and value to users and the organization.

The solution architects, network engineers, device specialists and carrier experts from the Zones Mobility Solutions practice can help.

Survey the infrastructure from the ground up

The mobility specialists at Zones are adept at assessing, optimizing, planning and deploying mobile infrastructures. Whether you need to streamline an existing mobile framework or you’re starting from scratch, they’ll execute a strategically sound and cost-effective solution aligned to your organization’s needs and budget.

Starting with a comprehensive assessment, Zones will help you identify and gather key stakeholders for a one-to-three-day workshop, ensuring that all constituencies have a voice. Together, we’ll determine current strengths and weakness, and map out current and future needs.

After careful analysis of the infrastructure and your expectations for its performance going forward, we’ll design a comprehensive mobile infrastructure that encompasses everything from enterprise mobility management and security to wireless networking, carrier options, and device selection.

When it’s time to execute, we’ll help you deploy a mobile infrastructure that is robust, efficient and easily managed. We’ll build your solution using equipment and services from our top-tier roster of technology partners including Apple, MobileIron, Cisco, IntelSecurity, Microsoft and other mobility leaders. We’ll even handle device activation and delivery, ensuing that your workers have what the equipment they need, anywhere they need it.

You can learn more about the process and our partners by contacting your Zones account executive, calling 800.408.ZONES, or by clicking the button below.

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