Provide a healthy and more productive workforce with Blue Light Zones™

Provide a healthy and more productive workforce with Blue Light Zones™

Organizations everywhere are beginning the process of reopening in the way of COVID-19. And while there is a great deal of optimism that business can resume and employees can be as healthy and productive as ever, it’s still important to proceed with caution.

Questions abound. How can people feel confident that their IT has been cleansed? What’s the best way to protect employees when deploying or re-issuing IT equipment?

These are all good questions – and Zones is here to provide answers. With our new offering, Blue Light Zones™ (BLZ), clients have access to a UV light disinfection solution that will ensure that their technology is cleansed. The secret here is a short-wavelength UV light called ultraviolet germicidal radiation, or UVGI for short. This technology has been used historically as a way for hospitals to clean surgical tools, and now our team at Zones is ahead of the curve in adapting this technology for use in our Technology Solution Centers.

With Zones’ BLZ offering, we offer cleansing services for any devices that pass through our Technology Solution Centers.

This service should be an immediate driver of business value. For one thing, quickly disinfecting services with UV light is a highly efficient process, which means it should yield strong ROI. Clients that adopt BLZ will no longer have to worry about investing in costlier health cleansing measures. On top of that, the additional layer of safety that BLZ provides should have a big impact on employees, making them healthier, happier, and more productive. That will most definitely be reflected in your bottom line.

At times like these, you’ve got to go the extra mile to keep people safe.

That’s what sets us apart at Zones – our willingness to adapt and do whatever it takes for our clients. Right now, it’s more important than ever to keep employees safe and healthy, and we’re making an extra effort to help you do that. We have over 30 years of experience when it comes to delivering top-notch IT lifecycle services, and we’re always there to give our clients everything they need.

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