Overcome today’s healthcare challenges with Lenovo devices

Overcome today’s healthcare challenges with Lenovo devices

Investing in workplace modernization can benefit employees at any organization, in any line of work. When you give people better devices equipped with better apps, it will inevitably drive greater productivity, helping them accomplish more every day. This is universally true. But a modernized workplace is perhaps especially valuable in healthcare. Given the recent spike in the number of patients who need medical attention, it’s imperative that healthcare organizations have the technology to treat as many patients as possible, as well as possible, as quickly as possible.

Lenovo seeks to create healthcare technology that does exactly that. Their devices are designed with virtual medical care in mind – they help doctors, nurses and other health professionals meet with their patients and with each other in a way that’s smooth, seamless, and above all, efficient. Productivity in the health sector isn’t just about getting work done – it’s about fostering group collaboration and achieving goals as a team, even across multiple locations. For handling that challenge, Lenovo has a perfect duo of healthcare-ready devices – the ThinkPad T490 Healthcare Edition laptop and the ThinkSmart View.

As the name would imply, the ThinkPad T490 Healthcare Edition was designed for the healthcare environment. It does practically everything but take the patient’s temperature – it’s designed to simplify the workflow of clinicians on a daily basis. It stands up to all the rigorous demands of the healthcare environment, including cleaning and disinfection, data security, and compliance. With the ThinkPad, medical professionals will always have the right device to tackle any challenge in front of them.

The ThinkSmart View is designed to help healthcare professionals get more out of each day. It’s got the highest level of multi-tasking capability built in, which means professionals can enjoy uninterrupted productive work while the device handles all the mundane administrative aspects for them. It’s engineered for reliable, always-on usage – and it makes collaboration easy, too. The voice-ready technology such as the Microsoft Teams IP Phone app and the device’s powerful built-in mics and speakers ensure that meetings will be easy and content-rich.

And with both devices, you can rest easy knowing our private work will remain private. Security is essential in healthcare, and both the T490 and the ThinkSmart View have built-in security features that will make your life easier. They each come with a built-in camera shutter and mute button, meaning when you don’t want to be seen or heard, you won’t be. And the devices are easy to lock, too, as you’ll have a four-digit PIN for accessing them, as well as Bluetooth technology to lock your device in tandem with your PC.

Lenovo is committed to providing organizations everywhere with the devices their people need to be successful. Whether it’s notebooks, Ultrabooks, tablets, or anything else, they’ve got the right product for every application. And at Zones, we’ve got a strategic approach to helping you maximize your investment. We put a high level of emphasis on Workplace Modernization – from improved collaboration to updated hardware, we are dedicated to bringing your business up to speed for the modern era. If you have any needs at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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