Microsoft offers modern devices to accelerate your business

by Jessica Rall

Microsoft offers modern devices to accelerate your business

At the world’s most forward-thinking places of business, leaders across the board are coming to a common realization: that workplace modernization is a key element of success. This isn’t just a technology thing, it’s a bottom line thing – when your people have the devices they need to be successful, they accomplish more each day. In the long run, your results will reflect that.

Therefore, it’s important to ask the question: Is the use of old, outdated PCs costing your business money? There’s a good chance that it is. According to our research, PCs older than four years are 3.5 times more likely to need repairs, and they cause lost productivity 3 times as much as newer PCs do. It stands to reason that buying new machines for your users isn’t really an expense – it’s an investment. You spend a little bit on devices now, and you recoup a whole lot more in business value later.

To that end, Microsoft offers a host of products designed to boost the value of your business. In particular, Windows 10 Pro and AMD Ryzen for Business are worth highlighting – both are designed to ensure your people work smarter, not harder. From your top executives to your sales managers to your staff members at the front desk, everyone up and down your corporate hierarchy can get value from using modern devices with the latest Microsoft solutions enabled. Both Windows 10 Pro and AMD Ryzen for Business offer powerful performance that will benefit the entire business.

Using modern devices in the workplace offers a number of tangible benefits. For example, we’ve found that users will enjoy 20% time savings due to faster deployment, more self-service features, and a reduced need for third-party software. In addition, new PCs offer performance that’s twice as fast as with a PC that’s three years or older, and the typical battery life with a more modern machine is around 14.9 hours. In addition, you’ll see a 33% reduction in security events that require IT help when you use Windows 10 Pro.

For all these reasons and more, it’s time to act now. If you move quickly to adopt Windows 10 Pro and Ryzen for Business in your workplace, you’ll discover that premium modern devices can power your business all day long. You’ll enjoy quick and responsive performance that boosts both individual productivity and group collaboration – and you’ll also have simple, flexible management that both saves time and cuts maintenance costs. So why wait?

And when you do invest in new, Microsoft-powered devices, be sure you partner with Zones to do it. At Zones, we have a unique understanding of what technology workers need to keep up with our changing climate – that’s why we’ve crafted a Remote Worker Solution that caters to the needs of the modern employee. Whether your employees are in the office or working from home, we know what it takes to keep them well equipped and always productive. Connect with us, and you’ll find out how we can deliver real value for your business.

To learn more, check out our video on the power of Windows 10 Pro and Ryzen for Business.

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