How Zones is staying strong in the face of COVID-19

The global outbreak of coronavirus has been disruptive across the business world – and at Zones, we’re not immune to that disruption. But there are many steps we’ve taken as a business to protect both our own team members and the partners and clients we work with, and we’ve done everything we can to maintain business continuity moving forward.

We’re happy to say that these efforts have been successful, and we remain well positioned to deliver top-quality IT products and services to our clients. Here’s a look at how we’ve responded to COVID-19 so far.

What we’ve done

First and foremost, we’ve made safety our priority. That’s why we’ve temporarily closed our Auburn and Portland offices – we’re working to thoroughly clean our facilities and make sure they’re 100% safe before allowing our team members to come back to work. We are also actively monitoring the latest recommendations from local and global health authorities and sharing as much health and safety information with our team members as possible.

We’ve prioritized the health of not only our own workforce, but of our clients and our partners as well. We pride ourselves on having strong relationships with both – and during these times, that means being proactive and making sure they can do business in a way that’s safe and responsible. We are working closely with our partners to keep our supply chain humming along and our business as productive as always, and we’re constantly in communication about best practices for doing so.

How we’re moving forward

Above all, we’re focused on continuing to work productively and deliver great service to our clients. To that end, we’ve established an executive steering committee that meets daily to assess the situation and build out contingency plans for our most essential business functions. We’ve developed a strong Work From Home policy that ensures our teams will continue going strong away from the office, and we are constantly working with all team leaders to fine-tune our remote work strategies.

Through all of this, business continuity is a key focus. We may not be able to meet in person right now, but we’re nonetheless maintaining strong communication and collaboration with everyone who helps drive business success at Zones. By working together, we can keep everyone healthy and everyone achieving at the same levels we always have.

Businesses are often defined by how they respond during moments of crisis. At Zones, we want to send a clear message – our response has been firm and unwavering. As always, we strive to maintain a happy and healthy workforce, deliver Five-Star Service to our clients, and overcome all challenges in front of us. We’re proud of how resilient we’ve been through this challenge so far, and we plan to continue showing that resilience in the months ahead. These are uncertain times for businesses everywhere, but we’re still here, ready to deliver for you.

For more information on our solution offerings and the state of our supply chain, contact your Zones sales rep today.

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