How to achieve sustainable remote work – and how Zones can help

How to achieve sustainable remote work – and how Zones can help

As business leaders have continued to navigate this pandemic, they’ve found themselves rethinking everything about the way they manage their organizations. This includes their approach to workplace modernization – rather than keeping their focus on-premises and investing in better devices, apps, networks, and so on, they’re thinking more holistically. It’s not about one physical location anymore – the challenge is to modernize the way people work every day. To modernize their lives, even.

The New Yorker recently zoomed in on this topic, with a feature entitled “How to Achieve Sustainable Remote Work.” The central message was that the pandemic has reset people’s expectations about where and when work takes place, and this has led leadership to think about how they can change corporate culture accordingly. The story quoted Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, two HR executives at Best Buy, who said they were working to make large-scale organizational shifts that gave people more autonomy in their work lives.

“We soon understood that people don’t want flexibility,” Thompson said. “Here’s what they want – complete control over their time.”

So what does this mean? In short, the strategy many companies are adopting is a new way of looking at work. In the old days, managers had employees report to an office daily, and they rigidly micro-managed people’s time, keeping a watchful eye over what everyone was doing from hour to hour. In many cases, that approach doesn’t fly anymore. The business world today isn’t about people’s time – it’s about their work. Everyone has a workload they need to get done, and as long as they do, it’s not management’s role to meddle in how they do it.

But here’s the thing. To get a management strategy like this to work, you need technology, and lots of it. You need an IT infrastructure that helps your people stay connected from anywhere. They need to communicate with their teammates, collaborate easily, store data, share data, tackle projects, and ultimately, get things done. Without this framework in place, the path forward is uncertain at best.

Fortunately, this is exactly what Zones offers. We have a Remote Worker Solution that’s intended to simplify IT for companies managing a distributed workforce. This solution includes every aspect of IT you need to survive in the new normal, from end to end. Whether it’s Asset Management for overseeing people’s devices, Shipping & Logistics for ordering new ones, or Collaboration for driving better teamwork among remote employees, every component you need is there. This is the complete package.

This is what we do at Zones – we help organizations everywhere to adapt to the changing times and stay competitive. Workplace Modernization has always been a core focus for us, and that’s especially true now, as the very process of modernizing is so fundamentally evolving. If you work with us, we’ll use our Remote Worker Solution and other product offerings to lead your business forward with confidence into this new era. Connect with us today. We’re eager to get started.

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