Get the end-to-end security you need from Dell Technologies

Get the end-to-end security you need from Dell Technologies

Security fortification has always been a top priority in business. You want to be confident that your people, their devices, and their data are safe at all times – without this basic foundation, it’s impossible to achieve real success.

But now, with so many people tackling their job responsibilities remotely instead of showing up to the office each day, there are a number of questions that IT leaders need to grapple with. Questions such as:

  • How will you get your people up and running ASAP, using the applications they’re comfortable with, even when they’re remote?
  • How do you enable critical workers who handle highly sensitive information?
  • How do you secure new endpoints located in unfamiliar locations?

Make no mistake: Security is still business critical, even if the game has changed dramatically. And in the months to come, it will continue to be highly important. Even before the events of 2020, security was already a weak point for many businesses – 32% of mid-market businesses admit they lack a sufficient security budget or a formal security strategy, per Techaisle. And now, with people working in unfamiliar locations and using different devices, there are more vulnerabilities to worry about than ever.

Your business still faces cyberthreats – no doubt about that. But the very nature of the threats is changing. It’s an oft-repeated fact that 95% of security breaches that affect businesses begin at the endpoint – attackers will find one user, or one device, and hone in on that target. This still holds true in 2020. But in 2020, the endpoints are different. Many employees are now remote instead of in-office, and they’re using unfamiliar devices in unfamiliar locations. This means that the challenge of securing your business is now more complex than ever.

For this reason, what you really need is devices that come with security already built in. And with Dell Technologies, that’s exactly what you get. Dell’s award-winning PCs come with Dell Safe Portfolio solutions to ensure endpoint protection right out of the box – these solutions include SafeBIOS with BIOS Tamper Alert, the SafeID exclusive security chip, SafeData for enterprise-grade data encryption, and SafeGuard for AI-powered incident detection and response. And it’s not just your devices that will be safe with Dell – it’s also your data, your infrastructure, and ultimately your business.

Running a business in 2020 brings complex challenges, but with Dell, you get sophisticated solutions. It’s important to note that the boot-up process begins beneat the PC and server operating systems, at the BIOS and firmware layer. If the BIOS is compromised, your entire IT infrastructure could be at risk. OS security solutions or third-party malware protection might not be enough. That’s why it’s important to invest in workplace devices that come with security already baked – which is exactly what Dell Technologies delivers.

And in Zones, you’ve got the right business partner to help get you up and running. We’ve always placed a high level of emphasis on Security Fortification – we understand that for any business looking to achieve continued success, secure data has to be a top priority. And thanks to our long-standing partnership with Dell Technologies, we have all the tools we need to help you secure every endpoint in your environment – even those that are unfamiliar or remote.

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