Apple’s Big Sur and M1 chip bring game-changing innovation

Apple's Big Sur and M1 chip bring game-changing innovation

by Jessica Rall

A lot has changed in the world of work this year. Millions of employees are now working remotely, which means they’re now using different devices and accessing data from new endpoints than they did previously. The paradigm has shifted. But one major thing has stayed the same: workplace modernization remains a top priority in business. When you give people the best possible devices and apps, they’ll be empowered to achieve big things.

As you go about modernizing the technology in your workplace – remote or otherwise – Apple products can play a key role in that process. Integrating Apple into employee workflows helps bring them efficiency, mobility, and creativity. And in just the last month, Apple has announced two new products that should revolutionize the way your employees work – macOS Big Sur and the M1 Chip.

The latest OS is the biggest redesign we have seen from Apple since OS X. Big Sur introduces a beautiful redesign that is entirely new, yet surprisingly familiar for Mac users. Everything in the OS has been made over, from the shape of the corners in app windows to the palette of colors and materials.

In classic Apple fashion, the spacious new look offers the intuitive navigation that Mac users know and love while putting more information at your fingertips than ever before. The updated Notification Center puts recent notifications and redesigned widgets together in a single view, and the new space-efficient toolbars and full-height sidebars give you more room to work.

In addition to the multitude of features Big Sur has to offer, it has also been optimized for the latest breakthrough in Apple technology – the Apple M1 chip. Big Sur combined with the Apple M1 chip is a serious game changer. This killer combination boosts one of the fastest platforms we’ve seen on the market to date. This combination will be available in MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini.

One major advancement with the M1 chip is the introduction of Unified Memory (UMA). With UMA in the mix, M1 is able to unify high-bandwidth, low-latency memory into a single pool. As a result, all the technologies in the SoC can access the same data without copying it between multiple pools of memory. Since this data doesn’t need to be repeatedly copied between memory pools, the end user will see a dramatic improvement in performance, not to mention greater power efficiency.

Additionally, M1 delivers double the performance when compared with the latest PC laptop processor – and all at just 10 watts. That’s a quarter of the power of a PC chip. This power efficiency is most apparent in the insane battery life of these devices. The MacBook Air, for example, boasts up to 18 hours of movie playback thanks to the combination of M1’s power efficiency and Big Sur’s intelligent power management technology.

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