Apple technology can help retailers return to work efficiently

by Jessica Rall

Apple technology can help retailers return to work efficiently

All over the country, we’re witnessing an ongoing trend in the retail industry – stores are beginning to reopen their doors and cater to in-person shopping again.

But they can’t do so simply by resuming business as usual. To reopen effectively, they must adopt new protocols, new tools, and new processes to ensure they keep both their employees and their customers safe. In other words, now more than ever, retail businesses must have forward-thinking strategies for workplace modernization.

There are many, many areas in which retailers today are modernizing. One is by changing the way they complete transactions – in some cases, they’re setting up new point of sale (POS) and inventory management systems that will do a better job keeping employees safe. In others, they’re instituting new procedures for curbside pickup. Additionally, as stores have reopened their doors, they’ve begun implementing new rules for social distancing, including how to manage unprecedentedly long lines.

And then there’s the cleanliness factor. More than ever, retail businesses are making it a priority to regularly sanitize surfaces that customers and employees use frequently. As they do so, they have to adapt to a wide range of different state and local safety regulations, as well as differing employee management systems. Handling basic employee workflows is also a more complicated task now, as employees touch the same surfaces and objects many times a day. Common equipment must be cleaned between shifts, requiring tighter timing and meticulous attention to detail.

Retailers are also rethinking the way their staffs work together. Whenever possible, they’re trying to get rid of paper-based forms and documents, replacing them with electronic versions, and many cases, they’re doing away with in-person meetings. There are a lot of situations where a virtual conversation can work just as well.

For all of these changes, Apple and Zones are here to help. Retailers can help their salespeople and other employees tackle the challenges of 2020 and beyond using solutions that leverage the power of Apple products. Whether it’s tapping into real-time inventory information, managing employees workflows, completing transactions, or anything else, Apple’s devices make every step easier. And in Zones, you have a capable team of IT experts that can get you up and running right away.

The retail industry is changing rapidly, and the most successful organizations will be the ones that find ways to adapt quickly to a new environment. That means adopting better technology – and doing so in a fast and efficient manner. Together, Apple and Zones can help you do just that.

Solutions from Apple can help keep your retail business compliant with an ever-changing set of industry standards. Find out more on our website.

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