6 benefits of strengthening your security with Symantec

6 benefits of strengthening your security with Symantec

Businesses around the world have worked rapidly over the last year to change the way people work. They’ve had to adapt to social distancing, remote work, and everything else – and in so doing, they’ve undertaken a great deal of change in terms of IT. New platforms for cloud data management and remote collaboration, such as Microsoft Office 365, have become the norm.

These tools have worked wonders in terms of productivity; that’s the good news. The bad? They’ve also prompted serious questions with regard to security fortification.

The truth is that even Microsoft, for all of its strengths, does have some significant gaps when it comes to advanced threat protection. This has led customers to seek out additional layers of protection on their own – often, they aim for greater visibility into advanced threats, as well as better email threat isolation, email fraud protection, reports, and analytics. Microsoft supplies clients with the most basic security capabilities, and those are a good start, but the clients are left to fill in the gaps on their own.

Looking for the best way to fill those gaps? Look no further than Symantec. With Symantec, what you get is a true security vendor that delivers comprehensive security spanning multiple attack vectors. Integrated Cyber Defense, for instance, covers email, networks, cloud, and endpoints all at once. This solution includes a wide range of best-in-breed components that are all tightly integrated, effectively giving you a one-stop shop for your security needs.

Let’s run through a few of the benefits of beefing up your security with Symantec:

  • Isolating email threats: The moment a new threat arrives in a user’s inbox, you want to detect it, isolate it, and deal with it swiftly. Symantec makes that easy – meaning you won’t have to worry about email-based attacks spreading rapidly within your organization.
  • Protection against email fraud: One of the most common types of cyberattacks involves fraudulent emails coming through your users’ inboxes and infecting your network. Symantec has mechanisms to detect these emails and alert users quickly and effectively.
  • Link protection: Every time a user clicks a hyperlink, there’s a risk that it’s a deceptive link that will lead to a vulnerability. Integrated Cyber Defense sniffs these links out and keeps them from causing serious incidents.
  • Phishing readiness: Worried about phishing attacks against your users? You won’t have to with Symantec. It’ll be easier than ever to keep your guard up against potential phishing and keep attacks from impacting your operations.
  • SIEM integration: One of the greatest challenges around security involves security information and event management (SIEM). You want to have clear visibility into any and all security issues so you can manage them effectively. Thankfully, Symantec automates this process and makes everything far easier.
  • Integration across the attack chain: Whether an attack is targeting your email accounts, your cloud storage, your network or anywhere else, you want all of your defenses to be interconnected, and you want clear visibility into all of them. With Symantec, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Security solutions from Symantec – including Integrated Cyber Defense and others – have the potential to completely transform the way your organization protects its IT infrastructure. Symantec is committed to creating innovative security solutions that meet the challenges of today’s digital age – and Zones is here to help get you up and running, delivering all the services you need. Connect with us today to find out how your organization could benefit.

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