Unmatched performance, versatility and security for your data center

Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 Product Family

The latest Intel® Xeon® processors take performance, energy-efficiency, and compute density to new heights, while delivering best-in-class support for virtualization, cloud computing, in-memory computing, big-data analytics, and technical computing.

Servers based on these processors provide the foundation for a standardized, efficient, and agile data center that can help you drive down space, power, cooling, and management costs, while providing exceptional performance and reliability across the full range of workloads.

With the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 product family at the heart of an agile, efficient data center, your organization can respond rapidly to changing business demands, protect data from cybercriminals and streamline data center operations. In comparison to previous generation processors you get:

  • Up to 3X more performance
  • The world’s most energy efficient server
  • Up to 1.9X more performance with Intel AVX2
  • Up to 1.7X increased virtual machine density
  • Up to 1.4X increased memory bandwidth with DDR4

Better for Virtualization – and the Cloud
The Intel Xeon processor E5 v3 family provides the versatility you need at the heart of your data center, so you can improve agility, efficiency, and performance, while establishing a better foundation for security across all your deployments—native, virtualized, and cloud.

Based on Intel’s industry-leading 22nm, 3-D transistor technology, these processors provide 50 percent more cores and cache than the previous generation. They also provide improved virtualization efficiency and support industry-leading DDR4 memory, which enables faster data access with reduced power consumption. Compared with typical four-year old servers based on the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series, you can expect to see up to 6X higher performance across a range of benchmarks.

The broad range of cloud-optimized Intel Xeon processor-based servers provides a flexible and efficient foundation for virtualizing all enterprise applications and for moving confidently toward next-generation private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions.

Key Intel server technologies inside the E5-2600 v3 processor:

Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 increases processor frequencies beyond rated values to take advantage of power and thermal headroom. Delivers peak performance for compute-constrained workloads without increasing power consumption for other workloads.

Intel Resource Director Technology allows the hypervisor to monitor Last Level Cache usage at the application and VM levels. Helps to improve performance and efficiency by providing better information for scheduling, load balancing, and workload migration.

Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel AVX2) improves compute-intensive performance through Fused Multiply Add (FMA) operations. Delivers up to 1.9X higher performance for the integer vector operations used in a broad range of enterprise workloads.

Intel Node Manager 3.0 (Intel NM) with power/thermal-aware scheduling (PTAS) enables dynamic monitoring and limiting of server power consumption and provides visibility into thermal profiles across node, rack, and data center. Allows IT organizations to run more and heavier workloads per server, while guarding against server overheating.

Intel Intelligent Power Technology dynamically conserves power and enables advanced power management. Helps to reduce operating costs and improve system reliability through power optimization and management.

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel HT Technology) doubles the number of execution threads that can be supported by each processor core. Increases processing efficiency for multi-threaded applications and for multiple simultaneous tasks.

Intel Integrated I/O integrates I/O onto the processor die to support faster data movement in today’s dense, I/O-intensive environments. Reduces I/O latency by up to 32 percent, and support for the PCIe 3.0 specification increases I/O bandwidth by as much as 2X.

Intel Data Direct I/O Technology (Intel DDIO) enables direct data transfers from storage to cache. Increases I/O performance by up to 2.3X, and reduces the need for performance-sapping memory accesses.

Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel AES-NI) provides seven new instructions to accelerate and strengthen encryption and decryption.

Intel Secure Key provides high quality security keys using an integrated random number generator. Improves encryption security and performance and reduces over-head to enable the pervasive use of encryption for strong data security – without compromising application performance.

Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT) ensures that physical servers and virtual machines boot only into cryptographically verified “known good states.”

OS Guard provides enhanced protection against escalation- of-privilege attacks. Allows IT to establish trusted pools of virtual resources and to protect systems, applications, and data more effectively from launch-time through runtime.

Intel Virtualization Technology22 (Intel VT) provides hardware-assists for virtualization in Intel processors, chipsets, and network adapters. Enables near-native application performance in virtual environments, with improved reliability and enhanced workload isolation.

Servers powered by the Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 Family are launching throughout Q4.

Ask your Zones account executive for specification and availability details on the latest generation of servers, including those listed here:

  • Cisco UCS C240 M4 Rack Server
  • Cisco UCS C220 M4 Rack Server
  • Dell PowerEdge R630 Rack Server
  • Dell PowerEdge R730 Rack Server
  • Dell PowerEdge R730xd Rack Server
  • IBM System x3550 M5
  • IBM System x3650 M5
  • HP ProLiant BL460c Gen9 Server Blade

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