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apple-ecosystem-blogThe Zones Apple Ecosystem

For 30 years, Zones has been the business user’s go-to resource for Apple® innovations.

Today, we’re leveraging our Apple expertise to enable corporations, healthcare facilities, retailers and other businesses to reap the benefits of a new generation of Apple products and become truly mobile organizations.

An Apple business is a connected business. Why? Because easy integration between Apple devices is designed into the Mac OS® and iOS operating systems. People can move easily and intuitively between the Mac Pro® or iMac® on their desktops and their MacBook Pro®, iPad®, and iPhone® without skipping a beat. Continue reading

A true enterprise-ready 2-in-1

HP Elite x2HP Elite x2

In many ways, the story of personal computing in 2015 was the story of 2-in-1s. New advances in processing power finally made it possible for nearly every major manufacturer to develop thin, light devices with had the ability to handle everyday tasks quickly and pleasingly. The result: beautiful devices that users love for their flexibility and capability.

But for all the attention paid to the latest wave of 2-in-1s and tablets in 2015, the HP Elite x2 might just have all the rest beat – especially in the enterprise. Continue reading

Durability designed in from the ground up

Dell Latitude 12 RuggedDell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet

Many companies and workers in vital industries have been left out in the cold by the tablet computing wave, given how consumer-friendly designs emphasize thinness and lightness above all else. Despite welcome advances in the components and quality of premium devices, consumer-friendly tablets are often too fragile for the gritty and grimy world of field work.

Recognizing that the benefits of tablets – portability, intuitive touch navigation, easy sharing, and even the ability to use while standing – are just as (if not more) applicable in the field as they are at home or in the office, Dell has introduced the Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet. Continue reading