The standard in hyper-converged infrastructure

Dell EMC VxRail appliance

VxRail is the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and tested HCI appliance powered by VMware vSAN, and is the easiest and fastest way to extend a VMware environment. VxRail provides a simple, cost effective hyper-converged solution that solves a wide range of your challenges and supports most applications and workloads. Dell EMC VxRail features purpose-built platforms that deliver data services, resiliency, and QoS, enabling faster, better, and simpler delivery of virtual desktops, business-critical applications, and remote office infrastructure, so IT can focus on more important things: Continue reading

Empower your mobile workforce to do more

6th-generation Intel® Core processors deliver advanced Windows 10 features everywhere you go

Mobility Blog Art 2Windows 10 is the right operating system at the right time. It’s touch enabled, but not touch-dependent; it moves easily from platform to platform for a consistent user experience; the Start menu is back where it belongs; and new features like the Microsoft Edge browser and Continuum, that brings PC-like capability to smartphones, provide innovative productivity experiences only available on Windows 10.

Intel’s 6th Gen Core processors deliver up to two and a half times better performance, triple the battery life, and graphics that are 30 times better for seamless and smooth gaming and video experiences versus the average 5-year-old computer. They can also be half as thin and half the weight, have faster wake up time, and battery life that lasts virtually all day.

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Durability designed in from the ground up

Dell Latitude 12 RuggedDell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet

Many companies and workers in vital industries have been left out in the cold by the tablet computing wave, given how consumer-friendly designs emphasize thinness and lightness above all else. Despite welcome advances in the components and quality of premium devices, consumer-friendly tablets are often too fragile for the gritty and grimy world of field work.

Recognizing that the benefits of tablets – portability, intuitive touch navigation, easy sharing, and even the ability to use while standing – are just as (if not more) applicable in the field as they are at home or in the office, Dell has introduced the Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet. Continue reading

Next-generation servers to complement next-generation Windows Server environments

Explore the best destination for your migration

WinServer Dell HPBy now, your strategy for migrating away from Windows Server/R2 2003 should be well underway.

You’ve completed a comprehensive discovery of the software and workloads running in your current environment; assessed and organized each by type, criticality, complexity and risk; and identified the optimal destinations for all of your applications and workloads in the new environment.

The only thing left is to pull the trigger and migrate. Right? Continue reading

Achieve new levels of data center performance and agility

Dell PowerEdge 13G servers

The Dell PowerEdge 13G Server platform introduced in September represents the most advanced and easy-to-manage portfolio of PowerEdge servers to date.

Featuring customer-inspired engineering, and built to optimize price performance for the widest range of web, enterprise and hyperscale applications, the PowerEdge 13G portfolio offers state-of-the-art advancements in storage, processing and memory technology as well as industry-leading systems management capabilities.

For more information:
IDC White Paper: Dell’s PowerEdge Server Portfolio Accelerates Workloads and Innovates Server Management
Dell Solution Brief: Choice, Performance and Agility at Any Scale
Intel Product Brief: The Heart of an Agile Data Center

With five form-factors across blade, rack and tower servers, this next-gen lineup from Dell gives IT professionals more choice in how to address industry trends including cloud computing, mobility, big data and software. The first wave of 13G PowerEdge servers includes the PowerEdge R730xd, R730, and R630 rack servers; the M630 blade server; and the T630 tower server, all built with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family.

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Dynamic, scalable infrastructure for nimble organizations

Software Defined Networking

The Open Networking Foundation defines Software-Defined Networking as the physical separation of the network control plane from the forwarding plane, and where a control plane controls several devices.

By decoupling the network control and forwarding functions, SDN permits the network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services. The result is an architecture that is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable. This makes SDN an excellent approach to creating an infrastructure that is endlessly scalable and responsive enough to meet the demands of today’s of high-bandwidth applications. Continue reading