The state and future of hyper-converged infrastructure

Data Center BlogHyper-converged appliances simplify the design, deployment and management of complex infrastructures, easing pressure on IT staff and leadership. With components designed and built from the ground up to function as a pre-validated system, hyper-converged appliances eliminate the risk of incompatibility you run when rolling out a converged infrastructure.

Hyper-convergence delivers three key benefits:

Faster Deployment – You’re acquiring a single appliance from a single vendor. That means no finger-pointing among component manufacturers when you need support.

Simplified Management – A hyper-converged system provides true single-pane-of-glass management for the entire system.

Rapid Scalability – When you need to scale, you simply deploy additional building blocks.

An excellent example of state-of-the-art hyper-converged appliances is Cisco’s HyperFlex System. These appliances evolved to bring new levels of efficiency and adaptability to the data center, allowing IT to deploy in less than an hour, create clones in seconds, and save on data storage day after day, year after year.

What’s next?

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Hyperconverged Architecture

Simplicity at it’s best

Solutions by Zones - Winter 2015

This post is excerpted from an article in the winter edition of Solutions by Zones. You can read more about this and other data center topics by clicking on the image.

Hyperconvergence represents the latest step in the evolution of data center architecture. But what differentiates it from convergence, its successor? More importantly, what can hyperconvergence do for your business?

The concept of convergence is straightforward: combine distributed hardware components – servers, storage, and networking – into a single system. Examples include Cisco UCS®, IBM® PureSystems, and VCE Vblock® solutions.

Hyperconvergence takes things one step further.

With hyperconvergence, everything to run applications – servers, storage, virtualization software, networking, and management – is fully integrated and packaged together into a single, yet highly available, system. As a result, there are benefits you don’t necessarily get with a converged infrastructure.

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Simplify every aspect of data center management

Converged infrastructure solutions

Converged Infrastructure (CI) platforms greatly simplify deployment, significantly reduce time to value, and deliver a solid return on investment.

These systems – for which certain manufacturers favor the terms unified computing (Cisco) or integrated systems (IBM) – deliver complete pre-certified and integrated compute, storage, and networking; all managed via a single pane of glass. In pooling these resources, they become virtualized; applications, data, and networking are separated from the underlying hardware, so resources can be quickly reallocated to meet the demands of individual applications.

Choosing a converged infrastructure solution means your data center becomes more responsive, more nimble – and far more efficient. Converged infrastructures deliver short- and long-term benefits that include increased availability, improved serviceability, and an easier transition to a hybrid cloud environment. Space and energy costs can be significantly lower, as well. Continue reading