Transform new and existing buildings into intelligent facilities

Today’s buildings require an array of complex systems to support the diverse populations and purposes they serve. But until recently, conventional wisdom held that each system required separate networks and controls, creating an environment that was difficult and expensive to operate and maintain. Pennzoil-Social-Master_742x388_Lower-Text

Advances in networking, automation and Internet of Things (IoT) technology has changed that, transforming the way we design, construct, and upgrade buildings; how we operate and maintain them; and how their occupants experience and use them.

Now, building services can be delivered over a single centralized IP-based network that dramatically reduces cost and improves efficiency. Such converged networks enable a new building paradigm that provides better monitoring, analysis, automation and control between all of a building’s complex systems, and lays a future-proof foundation for growth. Continue reading

Enterprise level engagement and productivity for everyone

A smarter network means smarter business for midmarket companies

As small and medium businesses attempt to tackle the challenges of the modern business landscape, standing out from the crowd requires more than just a quality product. Customers and employees now demand more flexible connections and engagement while companies attempt to juggle IT and solutions costs and complexity. So where should SMBs interested in future-proofing their network begin their search for a unified telecommunications system?

Avaya has a long history of delivering innovation to midmarket companies, taking expertise from its relationships with some of the world’s largest enterprises and applying that knowledge to give smaller businesses the same capabilities. Today, SMBs can take advantage of Avaya solutions to cut networking costs, increase agility, enhance customer engagement and give employees the flexibility to accomplish anywhere. Continue reading