Meet Windows 10

The Windows operating system that’s mobile, secure, and built to last

wb_T3_EnterpriselBus_hero_desktopWindows 10 is familiar, and better than ever.

With welcome similarities to Windows 7 – including the Start menu – people using Windows 10 will feel like experts right away. New features like Continuum and Microsoft Edge provide innovative productivity experiences only available on Windows 10.

On 2-in-1 devices you can run in desktop or tablet mode, seamlessly switching between type and touch inputs. Continuum for Phone even allows you to use your phone like a desktop.

Windows 10 also delivers entirely new ways to protect your systems and data. With features like Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport, it’s easier to adopt biometrics and multi-factor authentication.

Windows 10 also has built-in defenses to help protect your critical business information from leaks or theft, while separating corporate from personal files. Technologies like Secure Boot and Device Guard ensure you’re protected from power-on to power-off. Continue reading

Revolutionize the way you work with documents

Adobe HeaderAdobe Acrobat DC with Document Cloud Services

Adobe’s new Acrobat DC with Document Cloud services deliver an innovative touch-enabled version of Acrobat that allows you to create editable PDFs more easily than ever, and offers cloud services for sharing and storing documents.

With Acrobat DC, Adobe has taken the world’s best PDF tool to an entirely new level, improving how people handle business documents, and allowing us to manage critical documents in the office, across devices, and remotely. With Acrobat DC, you can lower costs and save time across your organization:

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Adopt a 360-degree approach to enterprise mobility

Mobility Solutions Components WheelThe explosion of mobile devices has paved the way for the most connected workforce ever, but does your mobile strategy address the ever growing security threats that come with the change?

Minimizing threats while maximizing worker mobility and productivity requires a holistic approach that addresses every aspect of the existing infrastructure, including wired and wireless networks, unified communications compatibility, security, and cloud services, as well as plans for mobile device management, device selection, app development, activation services, and, ultimately, deployment.

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Take enterprise mobility to a better place

Connect with the mobility practice at Zones

MobilityEver since BlackBerry rolled out its first smartphone in 2003, enterprise mobility solutions have been changing the way business gets done.

Over a decade later, the rapid adoption and evolution of business mobility in the workplace show no sign of stopping. In fact, research firm MarketsandMarkets estimates the BYOD and Enterprise Mobility market will grow at a 15% compound annual growth rate, reaching $181 billion by 2017.

While mobile devices – the smartphones, laptops and tablets we use – are the most visible components of an enterprise mobility solution, they are by no means the most important. Without a robust and secure enterprise mobility infrastructure in place, unmanaged or poorly managed iOS, Android, and Windows enabled devices can present a liability to the organization. Continue reading